Four hours back into time at Britonester pre-primary school

juli 8th, 2009 Chilufya Claude Musanshi

It was a windy Wednesday morning, 8th July,2009.The Dutch and the Zambian youths(Sports and Education group),collectively made head ways to Britonester Pre-primary School,5 minutes of walk from the Guest House,at exactly 09:00am.

At 09:05am we were already at the school.The school has three(3) classrooms for pre-school,Grades One and Two,respectively.Among ourselves we subdivided into smaller groups and in our group we were,namely:Christine,Kelly,Jacqueline and Claude.We were assigned to attend to the Grades One and Two,respectively who are apparently in the same classroom.We witnessed how the class teacher has adopted a teaching technique which does not interfere with either of the lessons the two grades have.

The teacher gives different lessons to these pupils at the same time by separating the black board into two halves for.On this day,the teacher specifically was teaching the pupils physical Science and the topic was ”Natural and man-made Sources of Light”.The pupils were apparently knowledgeable about the lesson and therefore we all had an easy and impressive time with them.At 11:00am,the pupils were relieved of lessons for a 30 minutes break and it was during this break time that we had games with the pupils.We blew ballons with them,painted their faces and also did some jumping games.At 11:30am we went back into the class and continued with the Science lesson.The pupils were given an assignment in form of an exercise about the topic.Fourty Five minutes later the pupils were all finished with the exercise and handed their books to the teacher for marking and corrections.We also helped to mark and make corrections.After all was said and done,we asked the teacher if we could again have be given some time to give the pupils some gifts.We gave out a few writing pads,books,crayons,pens and pencils.After all was done,just before we left for the guest house,we asked the teacher if we could spend a few minutes with her to ask some questions.And the questions we asked and the answers were as follows:

Q:”Is it by law that all Zambian school pupils have to wear black school shoes?”

A:”It is strongly recommended that children wear black shoes”

Q:”What happens when a pupil misses classes?”

A:”The first time they get a warning and the second time they get punished”

Q:”What sort of punishment is given to such a pupil?”

A:”They pupils are sent to pick trash around the school”

Q:”Do you have a special teacher for children with special learning needs(children with learning disabilities?)”

ANS:”NO.It is the same teacher who does everything after school”

Q:”Which subject do the kids like the most and which one do they dislike the most?”

A:”They like Mathematics the most and they do not like Religious Education”

The teacher answered these questions accordingly and we were satisfied with the answers she gave us.We left for the guest house and we told the teacher that we will be back to the school at 02:pm for sports with pupils since fortunately it was the day for Physical Education(P.E),according to the school calender.

At 02:00pm we headed back to the school and we found the pupils already in their sports attires.We began the various sports we had prepared for them.We all enjoyed the sporting activities and before we knew it,it was already 03:00pm which meant that sports were over and the kids had to go back to their homes.We all,together with the children left the school.We went to the guest house and the children went to their respective homes.

We were all(Sports and Education group ),happy that the day was a success.We look forward to the next assignment.