Bilima Primary School and Lake Kashiba Adventure

juli 10th, 2009 Chilufya Claude Musanshi

It was 07:30am on a beautiful sunny day,on a Thursday,09th July.The Dutch and Zambian youths were all geared for work and adventure,both.We left the G.C.M.F Guest House at approximately 07:45am.Forty minutes later we were already at Bilima Primary School and there we found all teachers and pupils alike,except the school manager,were anxiously waiting on us,as they were expecting us.We were welcomed by the deputy school manager,Jonathan Muyembi,who is one of the Sports and Education,Zambian youth group members and a few pupils.The school manager was very happy that we had come.We were assigned to go to different classes,divided into two groups to handle two classes each,as the school,at that time only had the Grades Five,Six and Seven.In our group,we given the Grade Seven class.We were,namely;Victor,Claude,Kelly,Jacqueline,Purity,Christine,Susanna and Jonathan who was,apparently the class teacher for this particular class.

We helped Jonathan teach the English subject and also Mathematics.During the both lessons,we noticed how difficult it was for pupils to understand the topic of discussion and therefore we,the Zambian youths helped the Dutch youths with translation of what was being taught.

An hour later,we were out of the classroom as it was break time for the pupils.So we thought we could make use of this time for some games,with games and so we set off for the games.We played a lot of different games up until 12:00am and before could we knew it,the bus arrived at the school and that meant we had to leave the school and the pupils for Lake Kashiba.So we left for the lake at approximately 12:45am.

We arrived at Lake Kashiba at approximately 1:30pm.While at the lake,we enjoyed swimming and barbique and a few soft drinks.And after all was said and done,we were now ready to head backt to the Guest house.So we left Lake Kashiba at 4pm and reached the guest house at almost 5pm.

Therefore,the entire youth group,both Zambian and Dutch,were happy that all was achieved successfully and everybody had a unique time and of course looked forward to the next day and its challenges.

Thank you,

Claude Chilufya Musanshi


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